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A summary of and index to our services


Burgh House is pleased to offer a variety of services to its clients. Whatever your business need, please talk to us. For an initial (free) discussion of your needs and how we can help please contact us.

The service descriptions indexed below will introduce you to some of the services we have already performed for clients.

Confidentiality Statement

Burgh House takes its clients’ confidentiality very seriously. Therefore except where our involvement is in the public domain we do not reveal the names of our clients or discuss in detail the work we have done for them.

Service Descriptions Index

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Branding, Design and Packaging
Presenting your products

‘Brass Plaque’ Services
Home-from-home for your business

Business Communications
Getting closer to your customers and staff

Business Planning
You wouldn’t build a house without having a plan…

Business Process Improvement
A tune-up for your business

Business Risk Review
Keeping on top of risk

Computer Systems Review
Keeping on top of Information Technology

Employment Law Compliance
Keeping up with the new employment legislation

Financial analysis you can understand
An aid to business planning

Green Plan
What colour is your business?

Interim Management
Keeping you in business by filling gaps in your management team

Managing Change
Making a difference

Marketing and Advertising
Getting your business noticed

Project Management
On target, on time and within budget

Starting Your Own Business
Is it right for you? And how do you begin?

Support for both sides • The tender document you submit makes the difference been success and failure

Training and Coaching
Keeping your people up-to-date

Just imagine… What can we do for you?
Business solutions to meet your needs

We also provide some free services.

Burgh House does not provide any services that require regulation under the Financial Services Ordinance 2008.

Just imagine…Burgh House Service Descriptions 

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