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Just imagine…Burgh House About Burgh House 

What we do: In brief, Burgh House is an independent management consultancy providing support and assistance to organisations on, or trading with, St Helena, including all types of private-sector business, government departments and other types of organisation. We are proud to offer honest and indepdendent views on whatever issues your business faces. Please explore this website to learn more. If you have any questions or wish to discuss how we can help you please contact us.


Burgh House is an independent professional management consultancy providing the highest standards of business support.

Some of the services it offers are described here. It commenced operations on 7th February 2007. The founding directors are Catherine Turner and John Turner.

St Helena

The island of St Helena has an emerging private sector, which is expected to grow through internal development and inward investment. Burgh House Limited supports businesses in achieving that growth.

Burgh House will also work with governmental and quasi-governmental organisations that address issues of policy affecting private sector businesses, and with other organisations in projects related to bringing about economic growth in St Helena.

Burgh House is also keen to work with overseas companies considering business investment in St Helena, making available its local knowledge and a local point of presence. Look here for more on this topic.


Burgh House is interested to hear from organisations wishing to gain access to its skills and expertise in business development for projects outside St Helena.

Business Ethics

Business Values

Our business values include truthfulness, openness, justice and the equal treatment of all. Assignments are undertaken only when they can be conducted in accordance with our business values. Burgh House opposes discrimination of all kinds, in the workplace and elsewhere.


Burgh House is not funded or supported by any government body, nor does it have any formal links with any. You can therefore be assured of the objectivity of our work.

The support we give is based solely on our extensive professional experience and what is best for your organisation.


Burgh House takes its clients’ confidentiality very seriously. Therefore except where our involvement is in the public domain we do not reveal the names of our clients or discuss in detail the work we have done for them.

Such information as we can give can be found here.

Professional Standards and Practices

We operate according to the professional standards and practices recommended by the Institute of Business Consulting, of which John Turner was elected Fellow in 1993.

Terms and Conditions of Business

Burgh House Limited’s standard Terms and Conditions of Business can be read here.

Operating Days

We recognise that our clients may need to call us outside normal working hours and try to be contactable at all reasonable times, including evenings, weekends and public holidays. ( )


LinkedIn Professional Network:
LinkedIn Professional Network Burgh House About Burgh House
Catherine Turner

LinkedIn Professional Network:
LinkedIn Professional Network Burgh House About Burgh House
John Turner

International Links

We have over sixty years’ combined experience in dealing with a wide variety of business issues, working with organisations large and small in many parts of the world. Our clients benefit from our global experience combined with our local knowledge. And to help us stay current we maintain links with similar firms elsewhere in the world.

St Helena is a small island, not just geographically but also in the range of business activities here. But despite its physical isolation it remains part of the wider world. Businesses on St Helena cannot ignore what happens outside the island, as the fuel price changes in 2008 amply demonstrated. To ensure that we can provide our clients with the best possible assistance we maintain links and share experiences with firms elsewhere in the world, whose different views on issues can help inform our work here. And the perspective of St Helena can be useful elsewhere. In business it can sometimes be easier to see the underlying issues in a situation that is smaller and less complex.

Please go here to see the list of International Links.

Please note that we do not pass any information to other firms that could identify clients or reveal any of their business secrets.

International links to benefit our clients Burgh House About Burgh House

Just imagine…

In our experience, most businesses are capable of more than they actually achieve, and in many cases this is simply because their leaders allow their vision to become contrained. We encourage our clients to free their imaginations and consider the previously unconsidered. Just imagine… says just that.

Free your mind and travel wherever your imagination takes you with your business ideas, then contact us to help you make your dreams a reality.

Establishment & Regulation

Burgh House Limited is established and regulated in St Helena as Private Limited Company number 32, under the Companies Ordinance 2004; registered office: Frith’s Cottage, Napoleon Street, Jamestown, St Helena; Tax Registration Number: 30010


Profiles of the people who work for Burgh House are indexed below:

Catherine Turner
Director and 50 percent owner of Burgh House

John Turner
Director and 50 percent owner of Burgh House

Andrew Turner
Employee of Burgh House


Why ‘Burgh House’?

Burgh House is named after its original location, Burgh House in Barren Ground, which used also to be our home.

Other Questions

We have already answered many common questions on our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page, including:   but if your question isn’t covered please contact us.

Curious about St Helena?

It’s a lovely, friendly, quirky, sunny, rainy, historical island and we’ve had a very special time here
Visitor Comment

SH Images Burgh House About Burgh House

St Helena is a small island in the South-eastern Atlantic Ocean at 15°55’24.3”S; 5°43’3.5”W{1}, around 1,900Km west of the Angola/Namibia border.

Discovered in 1502 and with a population of under 5,000 people this British Overseas Territory is one of the world’s most isolated islands; a paradise for the visitor. In its 16 by 8 kilometres, or 121 km² it has remarkable scenery, warm friendly people, fascinating wildlife much of it found nowhere else in the world, heritage going back to the 17th Century, and so much more…

For its first 500 years the only way to reach St Helena was by ship, but now you can fly to the island from South Africa, stay in a variety of accommodations and have a holiday you will never forget. Swim with dolphins and whalesharks; climb the 699 steps of Jacob’s Ladder; dive our warm, clear seas; and hike where you will not see another soul (and did we mention the spectacular scenery?) You can even get married here!

It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times
Asian Proverb

To find out more about this spectacular island, explore the website below:

Burgh House does not provide any services that require regulation under the Financial Services Ordinance 2008.

{1} Location of Jamestown according to latest GPS data.

Just imagine…Burgh House About Burgh House 

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PS: St. Helena, Saint Helena or St Helena - it’s the same unique place!


Burgh House welcomes all customers without distinction of any kind, such as sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, age, disability, birth or other status.

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