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http://sainthelenaisland.info/ (May 2018)

Burgh House Limited is pleased to announce that it has taken over sponsorship of St Helena’s primary information website, sainthelenaisland.info.

From May 2018 we will be paying sainthelenaisland.info’s operating costs - primarily domain name and hosting expenses. One of our directors, John Turner, edits the site. More here: sainthelenaisland.info/aboutus.htm.


A new member of the team (September 2015)

Burgh House Limited is pleased to welcome Andrew Turner to the team!

Having recently left school, Andrew joins us with lots of useful experience in business communications, including writing articles for the St Helena Independent. He will help Burgh House to develop its business writing services, including helping clients with promotional writing such a PR and written advertisements.

Andrew is also an experienced radio presenter and is expected to help out with media.burghhouse.com Burgh House Media Productions new tab/window Burgh House NewsBurgh House Media Productions.


Terms and Conditions of Business Updated (September 2014)

We have updated our Terms and Conditions of Business. The new Terms come into effect for all proposals written on or after 2nd September 2014.

The change is an addition to paragraph 13, which now reads (addition in bold type):

Except where a Dispute has been raised, Burgh House Limited reserves the right to charge interest at the Bank of St Helena Unauthorised Overdraft Rate to accrue daily on all sums overdue for payment by more that 30 days from date of invoice, until receipt by Burgh House Limited. Burgh House Limited will also add an administration fee of £10 for each reminder invoice issued.


Support for the Human Rights St Helena project (May 2014)

Burgh House is proud to be supporting the Human Rights St Helena project.

The Human Rights St Helena project is run by the Human Rights Capacity Building Committee, with support from the St Helena Government, and aims to improve the promotion and protection of Human Rights in St Helena. More details can be found on the Human Rights St Helena website humanrightssthelena.org.

Burgh House is providing the services of Catherine Turner as Human Rights Facilitator on an Interim Management basis at significantly below her usual charge rate.


Retired news items can be read on the ‘News Archives’ page.

Burgh House does not provide any services that require regulation under the Financial Services Ordinance 2008.

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