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Company Documents

Services Catalogue

A summary of our business services

Terms and Conditions of Business

The Terms and Conditions of Business under which Burgh House undertakes all assignments

Training Course Catalogue

Training courses we have available for immediate delivery, and others that are in development

Please note: this document is now on our Burgh House Training & Development new tab/window DocumentsBurgh House Training & Development website, though it can still be linked from here

“How To . . .” guides

Selling your Skills

How to present yourself and your business

(Prepared by Burgh House for the Chamber Of Commerce.)

Choosing a legal form for your business

Limited company? Sole trader? Partnership? Our guide explains the options.

(This topic is discussed further in our ‘Basic Business Skills’ training)

Template for a Terms of Reference document

For a clearer understanding of any project

(If you need help compiling the Terms of Reference for your project please contact us)

Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

How to protect yourself and your business

(Presentation dellivered by Burgh House for the Government of St Helena.)

Greening Your Business

Our presentation to the “Greening Your Business” seminar, 18th July 2012

Published Articles

Advertising your business

An introduction

Published in the St Helena Independent, May/June 2012

Could your business use help from an Angel?

Many businesses around the world have been helped by Angels . . .

Published in the St Helena Independent, 23rd May 2012

Which Google do you use?

Did you realise it makes a difference? Read the article to find out more.

Published in the St Helena Independent, November 2009

A Website For Your Business?

John Turner helps businesses and other organisations to answer the question “Do we need a website, and if so, how should we get one?

Published in the St Helena Independent, June 2009

How to win in business

John Turner explains that leaders, managers and other business people worldwide profit from personal coaching; and St Helena could gain benefit from it too.

Published in the St Helena Independent, 31st October 2008

Listening To History

Why would the story of a UK bank in the 1970s be relevant to St Helena? John Turner explains.

Published in the St Helena Independent, 13th June 2008

Something for ME!

Starting a business could help you get your life back. Catherine Turner’s article explains how.

Published in the St Helena Independent, 30th May 2008

30 Millionaire Saints?

If the recent history of Ireland can be repeated here there will soon be about 30 Saints who are millionaires

Published in the St Helena Independent, 24th May 2008

Are There Leaders on St Helena?

In his/her letters to the Independent the ‘London Reader’ has intimated that St Helena lacks good leadership. Catherine Turner asks whether this is really the case

Published in the St Helena Independent, 13th April 2007

Other Business Subjects

Interim Management Explained

What is Interim Management and how could it help your business?

Business Planning Explained

Why you need a Business Plan and how to get one

Case Study: Operational Risk Management

How we helped a client assess and manage the operational risks in its business activities

Business Continuity Management

An introduction to Business Continuity Management; what it is and why your organisation needs it.


CV: Catherine Turner

Curriculum Vitae for Catherine Turner, Director and co-founder

CV: John Turner

Curriculum Vitae for John Turner, Director and co-founder

Special Offers

Free Webpage Hosting, Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions under which Free Webpage Hosting is offered to St Helena charities and good works organisations

Useful Tools

You can download a number of useful software tools from our Burgh House Software website.

Burgh House does not provide any services that require regulation under the Financial Services Ordinance 2008.

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