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New Employment Legislation, March 2013 (January 2013)

Our advert in The Independent 11 January 2013 Burgh House News Archives

The St Helena Government’s new employment legislation comes into force on 31st March 2013 and will impact any enterprise that employs two or more people (including charities and other bodies).

Are you ready?

Do you know what you have to do?

Have you done it?

If you’re not sure what the new employment legislation requires of your business, we can help.

To start, contact us for an initial discussion.


Important Notice for all Website customers (October 2012)

From Burgh House Software.

Dear Customer,

You will be aware of the recent enactment of the Media Standards Ordinance 2011. This, inter alia, covers corporate, commercial and voluntary-group websites. As an operator of such a website you should make yourself aware of its provisions.

Of particular relevance, and the subject of this message, is the record-keeping requirement. This requires that: “A provider shall retain all recordings or publications and any related material, for a period of six months from the last occasion when the relevant media service was broadcast or printed or until the final determination of any subsisting complaints, whichever is later.(Media Standards Commission Regulations 2012, Legal Notice No. 30 of 2012, para 5(3)).

We can assist you with this.

We will update our system to keep a record of past publications of your website, and hold these for a period of six months (or more), deleting them thereafter. If you receive a complaint about your website, please inform us immediately, advising us of the date on which the website was viewed giving rise to the complaint, so that we can ensure that the relevant version is not auto-deleted.

There will be no additional charge for this record keeping.


Feedback from ‘Greening Your Business’ (July 2012)

Editorial in the St Helena Independent

The ‘Making your Business Greener’ event this week was also an interesting feature. This is one area where the Island has to develop without delay. I know a lot of people on the Island do not see the need for thinking in environmentally friendly terms but they are wrong. If we want a prosperous future and economic development this is the way to go. Here SHELCO has already set the tone but we should also take strong own initiatives in this area. We have to take advantage of living in a small community where we quickly could adapt to new circumstances. It is like a small company - they have the advantage of picking up opportunities and changes in the market much quicker than a huge corporation. Flexiblility and oppotunistic thinking is the way forward. Green initiatives are most welcome.

Published in the Enterprise St Helena Newsletter

Q: Why did you decide to do the session?

We felt it was time businesses on St Helena woke up to the environment. Until recently simple survival was the aim of every local business. With the coming of the airport and the drive towards a green-tourism package for St Helena, we felt it was time that local businesses began to think green and to plan green-ness into their future.

Q: How did Burgh House and EMD come to collaborate on this?

We realised we had a common interest: speaking to local businesses - and a common message: that now is the time to start planning a green future for your business. Business people have many commitments on their time so we thought it best to combine our two activities into a single event.

Q: How do you think the session went?

Very productive. We’ve already had feedback from several participants, one saying they went away from the session inspired and immediately set about counting their use of energy efficient light bulbs!

Q: What can businesses do now, and at low or no cost, to start greening their business?

It’s not a simple answer. It will depend very much on what the business does. But, as we said at the seminar: break your business down into the component parts and analyse the greenness of each; then develop an action plan for improving every element. If a business needs help with that they can contact us or see our website.

Q: Will there be sessions like this in the future?

I hope so! We’d welcome the opportunity to run the seminar again, maybe in a different time slot.

Q: Where can the information delivered in your presentation be found?



Our presentation at the ‘Greening Your Business’ seminar (July 2012)

We presented at the ‘Greening Your Business’ seminar and you can download our slides from the Documents page.

In brief what we said was: the environment is an issue for busineses on St Helena and there are a few practical steps you can take to improve the greenness of your business. See the slides to learn more.

Need to green your business? Read more about Green Plan…


What colour is your business? (June 2012)

If it isn’t green, we can help. Our Green Plan service can help you assess your level of ‘green-ness’ and develop a workable action plan to improve it. Just contact us when you want to know more.


Saint Helena Youth Parliament (March 2012)

Logo of the Saint Helena Youth Parliament Burgh House News Archives

Youth Parliament is a worldwide movement giving young people a voice and the opportunity to be heard by the people who make decisions about their lives. Founded in June 2011 the Saint Helena Youth Parliament (SHYP) is completely independant of schools or government. Its moto is “Our Island, Our Future”.

Burgh House Limited is pleased to support the SHYP by sponsoring its webspace. Please visit its site at and read about its activites and plans.


Broadband for St Helena? We say YES! (March 2012)

There is a possibility that St Helena may actually be connected to the outside world with a true Broadband connection. See Simon Pipe{1}’s Blog for details.

In a comment on the campaign website we said the following:

Burgh House provides business support to St Helena businesses and we rely on the Internet for up-to-date information and for research. Improved connectivity would help us help our clients. In addition, in such a physically isolated spot, we see exciting opportunities for Internet-based business on St Helena if the current cost and capacity constraints can be eliminated. We therefore support this and any project to provide Broadband to St Helena.

Please support the campaign - go to to read how.


Airport opportunities for St Helena (December 2011)

Airport opportunities for St Helena Burgh House News Archives

The airport brings many opportunities for St Helena and we want to make sure local businesses don’t lose out.

So we are focussing our efforts on helping St Helena businesses to make the most of the coming opportunities. If you are a St Helena business, or a Saint planning to return and start a business here, talk to us.


Airport to be built on St Helena (November 2011)

Medium-range aircraft landing Burgh House News Archives

“We are pleased to announce that [...] we have today entered into a contract with Basil Read (Pty) Ltd [...] for the design and construction of the airport.”

The full government press release appears on our page Thinking of investing in St Helena?.


Human Rights on St Helena (June 2011)

Burgh House has been appointed to support Human Rights development on St Helena.

Please note: Burgh House does not normally publicise the names of its clients or the details of the work it does with them. However the press release below has been issued by the St Helena Human Rights Capacity Building Committee, so Burgh House considers the information to be in the public domain.


On 22nd June, the RMS St Helena will bring Julie Ashdown, a human rights technical support person to St Helena for two and a half months. Julie will be working alongside a local facilitator, Catherine Turner (Burgh House) to assist with two projects. The Citizenship Commission is leading on a project to look at National Human Rights Institutions and Cllr. Derek Thomas and the Home and International Committee is leading on the development of a National Human Rights Action Plan for the island. Julie will use some of her time on island to help others with particular human rights matters.

Julie has a wealth of experience of working with government officials and civil society organisations in the field of human rights. She has gained this experience both within the UK as well as at an international level and she has particular interest in women’s issues. She is looking forward to her stay on St Helena and has started to prepare for this.

If you would like to meet Julie and find out more about her work she will be working from an office in the Post Office building. Details of her phone number etc will be released nearer the time.

The “Rights and Responsibilities” booklet launched on St Helena Day is now available from the Public Library in Jamestown. Copies are being distributed to the schools and SHG departments. Members of the public wishing to have a copy should collect one from the Library.

Mrs. Cathy Hopkins
Chair, St Helena HRCBC.
31 May 2011

Burgh House is proud to be supporting this worthwhile initiative.


Thinking of returning to St Helena? (October 2009)

Thinking of coming home? Burgh House News Archives

Are you a Saint who’s moved abroad and now thinking of returning home? Might you want to start you own business here? Then you should be speaking to us!

We can help you consider your options, research the opportunities and formulate your plans, and all our discussions with you are completely confidential. For an initial (free) discussion of your needs and how we can help please contact us.

Burgh House takes its clients’ confidentiality very seriously. Therefore except where our involvement is in the public domain we do not reveal the names of our clients or discuss in detail the work we have done for them.


Business Process Improvement (August 2009)

Business Process Improvement your business will be better for it Burgh House News Archives

Imagine your business as a vehicle. It runs; it usually gets you to your destination; but sometimes things seem to take longer than they should (and longer than for your competitors) or cost more to accomplish than you think they ought to. With a vehicle you book it in for a service and it comes back running more smoothly and consuming fewer resources to achieve your objectives. Business Process Improvement can do this for your business.

Please go here to learn more about Business Process Improvement and how it can help you get ahead.


St Helena Airport Consultation: Burgh House Votes ‘A’ (June 2009)

Burgh House has today filed the following response to the St Helena Airport consultation.

Replying for and on behalf of Burgh House, registered in St Helena as Private Limited Company number 32 (Director)
Burgh House provides business solutions - See the Burgh House website for details
Selected option: A - build the airport without delay

Question 1: What is your view on the three options above?

A is the only option that will allow St Helena’s continued existence. B and C will result in continuing decline and the British government will be seen to have shirked its responsibilities to its overseas territories.

Question 2: How would each of the three options affect you, or the organisation that you represent?

A: provides a future for Burgh House, for myself, my family and the island of St Helena. The island will prosper. The relative poverty of islanders will be relieved. Health provision will be improved. The island will be able to move out of dependency.
B: provides no future for Burgh House, for myself, my family and the island of St Helena. The island will remain an economic backwater. People will continue to leave. Services will become unsustainable. Infrastructure will collapse. The island will become a burial ground.
C: provides no future for Burgh House, for myself, my family and the island of St Helena. After five years the decline will be irreversible and all of the Option B consequences will be inevitable. Option C merely prolongs the agony.

Question 3: Before he reaches a decision, is there any other relevant information or proposals that the Secretary of State for International Development should take into account?

That the people of St Helena are British citizens, who have loyally supported their government in Britain for hundreds of years, in peacetime and in war, and who therefore deserve to be treated as a priority by the British government.


A Website For Your Business? (June 2009)

A Website For Your Business? Exploring the possibilities Burgh House News Archives

In a three-part series John Turner at Burgh House helps St Helena businesses to answer the question “Do we need a website, and if so, how should we get one?”.

Part 1 was published in the St Helena Independent on 5th June 2009.

St Helena Independent Burgh House News Archives

Read the article…


Training & Development Website (May 2009)

Following the recent expansion of our training & development activites we have created a new website. All our Training and Coaching services are now described on the new Burgh House Training & Development website. We hope you will like what you see - please contact us with your comments and to discuss your training & development needs.

Burgh House Training & Development Logo News Archives


FREE Guide: Choosing a legal form for your business (April 2009)

Burgh House has now made available on this website a FREE Guide: ‘Choosing a legal form for your business’.

The choice between sole trader, limited liability company or partnership can seem quite difficult but with our easy-to-follow guide it becomes quite simple.


FREE websites! (March 2009)

If you want a simple website for your community organisation, we may be able to build it for you FREE.

FREE Website Building Offer Burgh House News Archives


Find out more…


traducir/översätta/vertalen/übersetzen/tradurre/ in your language (February 2009)

All the Burgh House websites can now be translated into many different languages, using the Google™ Transalate facility (NB: Java[Script] must be enabled to use Google™ Transalate).

At the bottom of each page you will see a dialogue box, headed with a row of flags, thus: Flags banner Burgh House News Archives. Just click on the drop-down box, select the language you require and allow Google™ Transalate to do the rest.

Please note that the Google™ Transalate facility is not provided by us, so any queries or concerns about its function should be addressed to Google™ Transalate. However if you have problems using this facility please contact us so that we can monitor its usefullness.


Sharing & Social Bookmarking Links (January 2009)

All pages on the Burgh House websites now include links to a range of sharing & social bookmarking websites (NB: Java[Script] must be enabled to see and use these links). These links can be found at the bottom of the page.

These sites allow you to store, tag and share across the internet, links to our pages. You can share these links with friends and with people who share your interests. You can also access your links from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world. You can learn more about social bookmarking on the Wikipedia.

To note one of our pages for your future reference, or to share it with other people, simply click on one of these links to add to your list.

Please note that, as far as we are aware, these sites are free to use, though they will require you to register. Once you have registered you can begin bookmarking. Each site has its own way of working so please use the links to find out which service best suits your needs. If you have trouble using our links to one of these sites please contact us but we regret we cannot assist with issues related to the sites themselves. Please also note that inclusion of a sharing & social bookmarking site on our pages does not constitute an endorsement of that site by Burgh House Limited.


Site Search (January 2009)

You can now search through all the Burgh House sites, using Google™ Custom Search.

Just enter your search terms on the menu bar (above) and press ‘Search’.

You must have Javascript enabled to use the Google™ Custom Search facility.

News item Site Search Burgh House News Archives


Free Guide: Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (January 2009)

Free Guide Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Burgh House News Archives

We have posted on our ‘Documents’ page a Free Guide to the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing for businesses in St Helena. We are also happy to answer simple questions from smaller businesses on the subjects discussed in the guide - please contact us(For larger businesses or organisations with more complex requirements we will be happy to quote for providing assistance and support.)


News about News (January 2009)

We have reorganised our News pages and added more content.

On our main ‘Burgh House News’ page you can still read news about Burgh House. There is also a link to a new ‘News Feeds’ page with news content from trusted and relevant external sources.

If there is a news source you would like added to our new ‘News Feeds’ page please contact us.


Personal Coaching for Business (November 2008)

Coaching is not just for athletes…So says the article by John Turner published in the St Helena Independent on 31st October 2008

Organisations like Toyota, Lloyds TSB Bank, Sony, The Red Cross and the US Department of Natural Resources and Environment use personal coaching to help them succeed, and we can now provide personal coaching for businesses on St Helena (Please go to the Burgh House Training & Development website to learn more).

You can read the article here, or download a copy from our ‘Documents’ page.

Just imagine… what Personal Coaching for Business could do for you.


A new image! (September 2008)

With effect from 1st September 2008 Burgh House has a new image. We hope you will like the look of the new site. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your views.

Just imagine… could your business benefit from a new image?


Something for ME! (May 2008)

Starting a business could help you get your life back.

Catherine Turner’s article, published in the St Helena Independent on 30th May 2008, explains how.

Read the article online or download a copy from our ‘Documents’ page.


30 Millionaire Saints? (May 2008)

If the recent history of Ireland can be repeated here there will soon be about 30 Saints who are millionaires.

So begins an article by John Turner published in the St Helena Independent on 24th May 2008.

Read the article online or download a copy from our ‘Documents’ page.


Invest Here! (April 2008)

With the improvements to access to be brought about by the forthcoming airport, a commitment by government to create a thriving private sector led economy, a safe and politically stable environment, and a currency linked 1:1 with UK Sterling, St Helena is currently one of the best places to invest.

Please see our new page Thinking of investing in St Helena? to learn more about investing in St Helena and how Burgh House can help.


John Turner (April 2008)

John Turner completed his time as Manager and Managing Director of the Bank of St Helena on 31st March and has commenced working full time on Burgh House assignments.

His profile can be read here. Please contact us for details of availability and to discuss your specific needs.


Selling Your Skills (May 2007)

Please see the ‘Documents’ page to download the paper “Selling Your Skills”. This paper was prepared for the Chamber Of Commerce, for distribution to the island’s businesses in advance of the visit by the prospective airport contractors.


Company Founded (February 2007)

Burgh House was entered onto the Companies Register on 6th February 2007 and has now commenced operation.

This website is under development and will detail the services the company can provide, both to businesses on St Helena and its depedencies and also to organisations and individuals overseas who wish to do business with St Helena.

If you have any queries please contact us.


Company Registration Requested (January 2007)

A request for the registration of Burgh House was submitted to the Companies Register in January 2007.


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Burgh House does not provide any services that require regulation under the Financial Services Ordinance 2008.

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