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Frequently Asked Questions

01: How easy is it to start a business on St. Helena?

As anywhere else, it depends on the business, but in general St. Helena is keen to develop its private sector, so if you see a business opportunity here it’s worth pursuing it. To get started just contact us.

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02: I’m a St. Helenian looking to return to St. Helena. Can you help me?

If you’re planning to start a business here we certainly can. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. We will keep what you tell us in complete confidence and will advise you how we can help. And don’t be afraid of an unexpected bill - we’ll confirm the assistance we can offer and the costs in writing before we do anything, and you may be able to get a government grant to cover some or all of the cost (we’ll advise you on that too).

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03: Is it right that you don’t charge for doing business plans?

No; we are a commercial organisation so we charge for the work we do. But there are government grants available that can cover some or all of the cost. Please contact us for details.

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04: Do you do anything other than business plans?

Absolutely! We help businesses in a wide variety of ways. Have a look at our ‘Service Descriptions’ page to see our main activities, but even if your issue doesn’t fit into these please contact us anyway - if its related to your business we should be able to help.

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05: Who have you worked for?

To preserve client confidentiality we do not identify our clients unless the work we have done for them is in the public domain. Such as we can say is on our ‘Clients’ page. Q: Are you funded by St. Helena Government?

No, we are a completely independent firm funded entirely by the work we do. We do not receive any grants or assistance from anywhere including the St. Helena Government or the UK government. (Indeed, we pay taxes to them, just like any other private-sector business.) However, through grants, our clients can sometimes receive government funding for work we do for them. Please contact us to know more.

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06: So what do you know about business that qualifies you to advise me?

We have over sixty years’ combined experience, and have been assisting businesses on St. Helena since 2005. You can read more about us and our experience on our ‘About Burgh House’ page.

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07: How many people do you employ?

At the moment it’s just the two of us, but if the workload continues to increase at the present rate we will be looking to take on someone in the near future. If you think you have the skills, experience and qualities to work for Burgh House please contact us to discuss what you can offer.

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08: How much do you charge?

We don’t publish fixed charges because each project is different. At the start of the assignment we discuss with you what you want us to do (that meeting is free) and then write you a document which sets out exactly what we will do, and what it will cost, fully explaining how we have estimated our charges. So you need not fear an unexpected bill at the end (or at any other time). And don’t forget that you may be able to get a government grant to cover some or all of the cost of our work - we’ll advise you on that too.

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09: Your logo - what does it mean?

Sign up for our “Marketing Your Business” training course (see the Burgh House Training & Development: CoursesBurgh House Training & Development website for details) and we’ll explain how to design a logo for your business and share how we arrived at ours. For now, just imagine boxes . . . .

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10: Just imagine…? Just imagine what?

Free your mind and travel wherever your imagination takes you with your business ideas, then contact us to help you make your dreams a reality. And, for the record, Napoleon Bonaparte said “Imagination governs the world{1}

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11: Your site mentions the ‘Institute of Consulting’. What’s that?

The The Institute of Consulting is the professional body for people who provide business support, like us. Click for: John Turner (Click to see the full-sized image, opens in a new window or tab) John Turner was elected Fellow of the Institute in 1993 so we operate Burgh House according to the IBC Code of Conduct.

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12: Where is ‘Burgh House’

We operate our business from our home on St. Helena but we usually see clients at their own premises or at the Click for: • Moonbeams Shop • opens in a new window or tabMoonbeams Shop in Jamestown.

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13: I’m not a St. Helenian but I’m looking to invest. Can you help me?

If you’re planning to start a business here we certainly can. Please read our ‘Thinking of investing in St. Helena?’ page and then contact us.

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14: Is there any kind of business you won’t help?

We will help any business as long as 1) we are qualified to provide the help required and 2) what the business does, or is asking us to do, is not illegal or immoral (i.e. contrary to our ethical standards). If we are not qualified to help we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

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15: Can you help with residence in St. Helena?

We can. Please see our Click for: • Property Search St. Helena • opens in a new window or tabProperty Search St. Helena site.

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16: Do you still do training at AVES?

The Adult & Vocational Education Service (AVES) previously contracted us to deliver a range of courses, but this arrangement has now ceased. We can provide our wide variety of training & development services to any private sector business, government department or other organisation. Please see our Click for: • Burgh House Training & Development • opens in a new window or tabBurgh House Training & Development website for details and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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17: Where is St. Helena and how would I get there?

5°45’00”W, 15°58’49”S, approximately 1,200 miles west of the Angola/Namibia border in the South Atlantic Ocean. Goto Click for: • Saint Helena Island Info • opens in a new window or tabSaint Helena Island Info to read more about St. Helena.

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St. Helena from the sea
St. Helena from the sea


{1} “Napoleon: In His Own Words” (1916) edited by Jules Bertaut, as translated by Herbert Edward Law and Charles Lincoln Rhodes (Source: Wikipedia)

Burgh House does not provide any services that require regulation under the Financial Services Ordinance 2008.

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